Solaris Photonics Multiplier

Increasing the electrical output of solar panels by up to four times

We are developing a novel technology the Solaris Photonics Multiplier (SPM) , that can be added to both new and existing solar panels, substantially increasing their net output.

The SPM expands the active layer in solar panels allowing the cells to absorb more of the sun's energy.

Even in low light conditions, the SPM will be able to produce peak power output and our goal is for the SPM to increase the output by 25% and beyond.

Energy Diagram


Silicon solar cells are, typically, made of an n-type silicon layer and a p-type silicon layer. When the two layers come into contact they form a depletion region. The depletion region is where electrical current is generated. The SPM increases the thickness of the depletion region which leads to more electrons being generated by the incident light.

Photon Diagram

Our Vision

Our vision is to work with inverter manufactures and established solar companies to incorporate and develop the SPM. The SPM technology makes solar energy the most competitive source of electricity even without any government subsidy.

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